A Look At Where To Learn Piano Online

If you’re interested in learning to play an instrument, then the piano is one of the best instruments you can play. It is an extremely beautiful and diverse instrument that millions of people around the world enjoy.

However, learning to play it will take some time and you will need help along the way. Many people think that you need to get a piano tutor in order to learn this instrument, but that isn’t true. You can learn the piano completely on your own since there are millions of resources and tutorials online to help you do so. This article will cover where you can find these tutorials and sites online so that you can learn to play the piano from the comfort of your home.

Websites & Blogs

The best thing about the internet is that it contains a treasure trove of information at the tips of your fingers. All you need to do is go on Google and type in “piano tutorials” or “how to play the piano.” You will immediately gain access to thousands of websites that offer specific piano lessons and tutorials that you can learn from. Most of these websites and blogs were created by piano teachers and various piano players around the world. As a result, you can learn from piano masters without ever leaving your home.

You will find websites that have extremely detailed lessons for beginners, intermediate and even advanced students. Most of these websites will be completely free to use and you can access them whenever you want. However, since there are so many different sites to look at and learn from, you should browse as many as you can and select a few that you like to focus on and learn from on a regular basis.

Paid Piano Websites

While there are thousands of free resources and websites for learning to play the piano, you will also find websites that you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to access their lessons. These websites usually offer detailed online lessons that are much more elaborate than the lessons you’d find for free. Most of these sites offer not only written piano tutorials but also video as well as support from a real piano tutor that you can contact via email or even on Skype. A popular example would be Playground Sessions. You can visit their website here.

They also have a community forum that has other beginners such as yourself as well as advanced piano players so you can ask questions and interact with other people who enjoy playing the piano. These type of paid lessons are excellent for the person who doesn’t have the time to go searching online for different lessons and would prefer to have a more structured way of learning to play from one specific place or website. These sites allow you to have the feel of a personal tutor without actually physically having one.


Thirdly, another place where you can learn to play the piano is on YouTube. In a similar fashion to Google, all you need to do is search for piano lessons on YouTube and you will get hundreds and thousands of instructional video. The best thing about YouTube is that you will only get videos which is great for visual learners. There are many people who offer completely free piano tutorials on YouTube that clearly show how to play the instrument.

This is one of the best tools that will help you to quickly and easily learn to play the piano and improve your skills. Also, if there is a specific song that you’d like to learn, all you need to do is search for it. For example, if you want to learn how to play the song “hotel California,” then all you need to do is type in, “how to play hotel California on piano” in YouTube’s search box and you will immediately get videos teaching you how to play the song. Since you will have access to hundreds of different people teaching you how to play that specific song, you can take your time and choose a person or specific video that is easy for you to follow along with.

Improving Your Piano Skills

Now that you know where to learn piano online, the next step is to get started. All you have to do is choose one of the mediums listed above and find a lesson and start learning. In order to get better at playing the piano, the most important thing you can do is practice. After all, practice makes perfect and it is the only way that your piano playing skills will improve.

In closing, once you follow the tips above, I am certain that you will be at least a few steps closer to learning to play the piano. So, make sure and put in the effort on a consistent basis and your skills will improve with time.

What is Music in A Nutshell

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